Fear or phobia of the dentist is extremely common, as many of us immediately associate a visit to the dentist with negative thoughts such as pain and an uncompassionate dentist – thinking of you only as a patient, not a real person. With a gentle dentistry approach, you will find that your visit at Froeber is nothing to fear. 

Dr. Froeber approaches every patient with compassion and understanding, as her main goal is to give you the most positive experience. Hopefully, one day completely shifting your feelings of visiting the dentist to a completely positive experience, with nothing to fear.

The days of experiencing great discomfort while in that dental chair are over. Gentle dentistry aims to keep you comfortable throughout your entire visit.  


Proper Training – Dr. Froeber is skilled and professionally trained to work with patients who may feel anxious or have phobia/s about visiting the dentist. She is skilled in communication to help ease any fears throughout your visit. Her kind voice and understanding nature will immediately help to relax the most nervous patient.

Updated Technology – We invest in new technologies that further help to keep every patient comfortable. The days of painful x-rays, for example, are no more with new technology that allows this to be a quick and painless process.

New Techniques – All of our techniques focus on the patient and their comfort. We aim to continually equip our staff with the best techniques for every procedure to ensure comfort during every visit.

Patient First Approach – We think of you first as a person. We are a group of compassionate and caring trained professionals that understand how scary a trip to the dentist may be. We care about how you feel.

Let us provide you with a gentle experience on your next trip to the dentist office. Learn more about Dr. Froeber and what sets her and her office apart from other clinics.