Whether you have moved to a new area or are simply looking to find a dentist who is a better fit for your needs, you have likely found yourself turning to Google in efforts to find dentist reviews, searching for the best dentist near you. Sound familiar? Let us make this a bit easier for you by compiling a list of some recent patient reviews. 

Learn a bit more about what others have had to say about Froeber Dentistry by reading some real patient reviews:

“Patti and her team are above accommodating. I wish they were in the city where I grew up, I never would have had a fear of the dentist. Sunglasses to avoid the light, headphones to avoid the noise, blankets if you are cold, and coconut lip stuff for the winter when you have to keep your mouth open. When a new patient, you take a quiz also that informs the team how to better serve you, and they truly look through your feedback. The team is kind and welcoming and the best part is you get feedback. The cleaners tell you where they found more plaque or areas for you to focus on and how. I could go on but to wrap it up Froeber Dentistry is the place to go if you want a lasting healthy mouth. Might I add I have been cavity free since going there, and my teeth are stronger. With Patti’s help large dental bills are no longer in my future :)” 

“All the members of the team and Patti, always go the extra mile to make sure I’m comfortable. I really appreciate the little things like having an adapter available for my phone when I had forgotten it.”

“Great visit! Thanks for fixing my tooth. I cannot stop admiring how nice it looks! Wow! What a talented, positive team!”

“Always a great experience here with Dr. Froeber and her staff.  Each time I come in, I feel welcomed like I am coming home.  The staff is always cheerful and catches up on conversations from the previous visits.  The cleanings are thorough and any questions, or recommendations for care are always explained in an easy to understand manner.  I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a dentist to exceed their expectations.”

“Everyone is accommodating and helpful. It’s so clear the work climate is healthy, because it spills right out into the patient care. I got so lucky to have connected with you all these years ago and I’d never think of going anywhere else.”

“There is a very positive vibe in the office and it comes right from Patti Froeber herself. I’m grateful to have such competent people to care for me.”

“Everyone in the office so friendly! I never mind coming to the dentist. And I feel I get such good care. Thanks everyone!”

“I never thought I’d say this, but: I really like my dentist. As a professional and as a person. Patti Froeber is knowledgeable, gentle, kind, and genuinely cares about her patients’ experience. When I first visited Patti, it was my first trip to a dentist in far too long. She worked with me to build a plan of care based on priority and my financial situation. She was patient with my (many) questions and explained everything so that I felt informed about what we were doing and why. I’ve now been seeing her for 3 years. I’m a pretty big Dr. Patti fan.”

“Everybody in the office had a great energy. Dr. Froeber has a positive attitude and was so fun to meet.” 

“Literally everyone I came in contact with was exceptional. There is still a part of me that does not believe that Froeber Dentistry is real and that I dreamt the entire experience.”

“Hygienist Ann is so gentle and pleasant. I truly appreciate her work! Teresa at the front desk was also warm, wonderful, and so efficient! Right on top of things. Great staff makes the difference too. They have consistently been an important part of my good experiences at Froeber.” 

“Everyone goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and cared for. Love that!” 

“The entire staff is pleasant, informed, happy and efficient. A great place and great dentistry. Could not recommend it more highly. Also in a very hip part of the city!”

We cannot express how important our patients are to us and we are always continuing to make customer service one of our top priorities. A big thanks to all of our amazing patients! Interested in booking an appointment at Froeber Dentistry after reading what others have had to say? Contact us today! Are you a current patient? Please tell us what you think!